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Innovative Bird Control with ChemDry Qatar's Wire System

Bird control is crucial for maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of buildings. ChemDry Qatar introduces an effective solution with its bird wire control system, designed specifically to deter pigeons from roosting and nesting on ledges, parapets, signs, beams, and pipes.

Problems with Pigeons

Pigeons cause significant damage through their acidic droppings, which are highly corrosive, leading to extensive damage to buildings and equipment. Their nests can block gutters, causing water damage and creating hazardous surfaces. Moreover, pigeon droppings can pose serious health risks due to bacteria and fungi.

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The Wire Control System

ChemDry Qatar’s bird wire system features a spring-tensioned wire stretched across iron steel posts. This setup creates an unstable landing area, discouraging birds from settling. The wire system is minimally visible, making it ideal for high-visibility areas where aesthetics matter. The materials used are durable, with stainless steel wires and iron steel posts that are rust-protected.


Key Features:

  • Discreet Installation: The wire is nearly invisible, maintaining the visual appeal of buildings.
  • Durable Materials: Iron steel posts and nylon-coated stainless steel wires ensure longevity.
  • Versatility: Multiple brackets and clamps allow for installation on various surfaces, including sprinkler pipes and rain gutters.
  • Humane Solution: Safe for both birds and humans, avoiding harm while effectively preventing roosting.

Installation Details:

The installation involves fixing posts at varying heights and intervals, with rows of wire spaced three inches apart and tensioned using springs every ten feet. This method ensures consistent tension and effectiveness. Special attachments facilitate installation even on challenging surfaces, ensuring comprehensive protection.

ChemDry Qatar’s bird wire control system offers a sophisticated, humane, and visually appealing solution to pigeon problems, safeguarding buildings from damage and health hazards.

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