Hard Surfaces Polishing (Rukhamia)

Hard Surfaces Polishing



Rukhamia is a company that specializes in natural stone grinding and polishing of marble and granite. Our expertise lies in maintaining residential and commercial marble and granite flooring, walls, and stairs using natural methods and stones. With years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of properly maintaining marble and granite to enhance the beauty and value of your property. Our team of experts ensures that your marble and granite surfaces are treated with care, using only natural methods and stones to achieve a smooth and polished finish. We have established a strong reputation for ourselves and have a growing list of satisfied customers throughout the state of Qatar. Proper maintenance is crucial for keeping marble looking its best and preserving its value. Rukhamia specializes in using natural methods to grind and polish marble and granite, which can help to remove stains and other imperfections and restore the beauty of the stone. By using natural stones, Rukhamia is able to avoid the use of harsh chemicals that can damage the surface of the marble.

Chem-Dry cleaning staff in uniform and protective gear manually scrubbing and machine cleaning an outdoor surface.
A reflective marble floor in a bright room with a model ship on a pedestal, showcasing the high gloss finish.

Additionally, the company has extensive experience in maintaining both residential and commercial marble and granite surfaces, ensuring that each type of stone is properly cared for. This attention to detail and expertise has led to many satisfied customers throughout Qatar. It is important to note that traditional methods of maintaining marble, such as the use of waxes, polymers, and synthetic finishes, can actually cause more harm than good. These coatings prevent the stone from breathing naturally and can lead to deterioration over time. Strippers used to remove these coatings can also cause efflorescence, further damaging the marble. In the end, continued use of these outdated techniques can turn the investment into a liability, with costly replacement as the only option.

Thankfully, AQG has developed a stone care system that combines modern technology and space age materials to provide a safe and durable surface for both old and new marble. The AQG system not only enhances the value and enjoyment of the precious stone, but it also offers a professional finish that many major companies trust for their grinding and polishing needs. Rukhamia is a professional marble and granite polishing company that specializes in maintaining and restoring the beauty of residential and commercial stone surfaces using natural methods. Marble and granite surfaces are highly susceptible to staining and marring from heavy foot traffic, which can damage the investment and decrease its value over time. To protect your investment from the start and ensure it stays beautiful and durable, it is essential to use the correct maintenance methods for each specific type of marble and granite.

A colorful, patterned outdoor tile floor, cleaned and maintained, displaying a vibrant appearance.
Workers using heavy-duty floor polishing equipment on a marble floor inside a spacious, well-lit room.

Rukhamia uses a modern stone care system that combines advanced technology and spaceage materials to offer a safe, beautiful, and long-lasting surface for your marble and granite. Their services include cleaning, grinding, and polishing all types of marble and granite, and offer the following benefits:

  • Reduction of scratches
  • Brighter, cleaner surfaces
  • Germ-free surfaces
  • Stain removal
  • Scratch removal
  • Restoration of natural colors
  • Smoother finishes
  • Mirror-like shine
  • Enhanced protection from spills and foot traffic

Choose Rukhamia for a professional and high-quality marble and granite polishing service that will enhance the value and enjoyment of your home or business.


The AQG restoration and cleaning ability of natural stone is unsurpassed.

Comparison of honed versus polished marble floor tiles, illustrating the difference in finish and sheen.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces stains & scratches
  • Brighter "Cleaner" image
  • Germ Free


The system is able to remove imbedded waxes & polymers as well as everyday dirt & grime from typical foot traffic. We do both residential and commercial cleaning of marble and granite, kitchen bar top, hotels, guest rooms, public rooms and common areas. In our cleaning we remove dirt, scuff marks, and will prevent mound and mildew staining and growth, leaving in its path a very pleasant fragrance.


The AQG restoration and cleaning ability of natural stone is unsurpassed.

Cleaned Jobs:

  • Black epoxy terrazzo was polished.
  • Polishing of Epoxy marble floor.

Existing original marble was covered up by carpet, cement, tiles and glue. The revitalization consisted of: Marble polished to a natural shine


AQG's grinding is clean & efficient

Key Benefits

  • Stain removal possible
  • Smoother finish
  • Healthy stone areas exposed


AQG uses a variety of grinding methods & pads with NO DUCT.

Cleaned Jobs:

  • Dull limestone floor was grinded.
  • Dull marble floor was grinned, polished to high gloss, and sealed.