ChemDry Service


Drier - Cleaner - Healthier 


Chem-Dry is a preferred choice among customers due to its commitment to providing a healthier and safer carpet and upholstery cleaning experience. Our unique cleaning process employs the power of carbonation to effectively release and remove dirt and grime from deep within the fibers of carpets and upholstery. The application of our proprietary cleaning solution, followed by thorough extraction using advanced equipment, ensures a long-lasting, effective clean. This approach offers customers the peace of mind that comes with choosing a cleaning service that prioritizes their health and well being.

Chem-Dry offers a unique cleaning process that is drier, cleaner, and healthier than traditional steam cleaning methods. Our innovative Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process uses millions of tiny bubbles to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers, lifting dirt, dust, and allergens to the surface. Then, our powerful extraction equipment removes the dirt and moisture, leaving your carpets clean, fresh, and dry in just a few hours.

A technician from Chem-Dry is cleaning a beige couch with specialized equipment in a bright living room with hardwood floors.
The Green Certified seal of Chem-Dry, indicating environmentally friendly cleaning services.


Our green-certified solution is safe and non-toxic, making it ideal for homes with pets and children. It is also hypoallergenic, helping to reduce indoor allergens and improve indoor air quality. With Chem Dry, you can have peace of mind knowing that your carpets are not only clean but also healthier for you and your family.



An advertisement for Chem-Dry showcases a bright and airy living room with a pristine white sofa set, emphasizing the message "Your Healthy Home Starts Here" with a focus on superior carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

At Chem-Dry, we recognize that when you seek a carpet cleaning service, you expect more than just a surface-level cleaning that removes visible dirt from your carpets. You want a service that you can rely on to eliminate the stubborn, embedded dirt and grime from deep within your carpets. That’s why we offer a safe and healthy process using our Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning method and a green-certified solution. With Chem-Dry, you can have the confidence that your home is truly clean, refreshed, and healthy. Chem-Dry cleaning process is based on the idea of providing a healthier and more effective way to clean carpets while reducing negative environmental impact. This was achieved through the development of The Natural®, a green-certified, safe, and non-toxic cleaning solution. The unique delivery system, combined with the Hot Carbonating Extraction process, provides an exceptional cleaning experience, removing tough dirt and grime from deep within carpets without leaving behind any harmful chemicals or residue.



The Chem-Dry cleaning process uses less water compared to traditional steam cleaning, which results in carpets drying in just 1-2 hours instead of a couple of days. This is because our natural carbonating cleaning solution penetrates deep into the carpet fibers, releasing and lifting dirt and grime without the need for excessive water. As a result, not only do carpets dry faster, but they also stay cleaner longer.

Close-up of Chem-Dry's professional carpet cleaning equipment on a textured grey carpet.
A Chem-Dry employee operates a green carpet cleaning machine in a room with a large window and minimalist decor.


Chem-Dry’s goal is to help you spend less time worrying about whether your carpets and furniture are clean and safe and more time enjoying your family in a healthy home. ChemDry uses a specially designed, green-certified cleaning solution that employs the bubbly properties of carbonation to penetrate deep into your carpet. For over four decades, Chem-Dry has been dedicated to helping families live more healthfully with cleaner, safer homes. Choose Chem-Dry for a healthier carpet and upholstery cleaning that leaves your home refreshed and your family happier.