Rukhamia is specialized in Grinding & polishing of Marble & Granite by natural method using natural stones. We have experience to maintaining Residential & Commercial Marble & Granite floor, wall & stairs. Architects and designers today are discovering countless creative applications for marble, and marble that is properly maintained will enhance the beauty and value of home or business. We have built up a number of satisfied customers throughout the state of Qatar.



Unfortunately, new marble is raw and unprotected and is very susceptible to staining, and marring from heavy foot traffic. For this reason it is wise to protect the investment from the start. There are correct and incorrect methods for maintaining each specific type of marble. While improper maintenance may give the desired appearance, it can cause deterioration which may go unnoticed for years.



The most typical failing of these methods concerns the use of waxes, polymers and synthetic finishes, which are used to coat the marble with a durable film. Unfortunately, these coatings will not allow the stone to naturally breathe and the harsh alkalinity of strippers needed to refinish them off causes efflorescence, which will also deteriorate the marble. Continued use of these outdated techniques will eventually damage the marble so extensively that costly replacement will become the only option. In essence the investment becomes a liability.


Fortunately, AQG has combined modern technology and space age materials to create a stone care system that makes sense! Whether the stone is old or new, the AQG system offers a safe, beautiful, durable surface which enhances the value and enjoyment of the precious dimensional stone. Several companies are offering this service, but as many major companies have realized it is the finishing & professionalism that counts, so they use AQG for grinding & polishing. 




AQG - Rukhamia offers a safe, beautiful, durable surface which enhances the value and enjoyment of the precious Marble & Granites. We do Cleaning, Grinding & Polishing for all types of Marble & Granites. In our service you will get the followings:

  • Reduces scratches
  • Brighter Cleaner
  • Germ Free.
  • Stains
  • Scratch removal
  • Existing natural color.
  • Smoother finish
  • Mirror shining and More protection from spills & foot traffic.




The AQG restoration and cleaning ability of natural stone is unsurpassed.


Key Benefits

  • Reduces stains & scratches
  • Brighter "Cleaner" image
  • Germ Free


The system is able to remove imbedded waxes & polymers as well as everyday dirt & grime from typical foot traffic.

We do both residential and commercial cleaning of marble and granite, kitchen bar top, hotels, guest rooms, public rooms and common areas. In our cleaning we remove dirt, scuff marks, and will prevent mould and mildew staining and growth, leaving in its path a very pleasant fragrance.






Cleaned Jobs:

  • Black epoxy terrazzo was polished.
  • Polishing of Epoxy marble floor.

Existing original marble was covered up by carpet, cement, tiles and glue. The revitalization consisted of: Marble polished to a natural shine.




AQG's grinding is clean & efficient


Key Benefits

  • Stain removal possible
  • Smoother finish
  • Healthy stone areas exposed


AQG uses a variety of grinding methods & pads with NO DUCT.

Cleaned Jobs:

  • Dull limestone floor was grinded.
  • Dull marble floor was grinned, polished to high gloss, and sealed