Offering a comprehensive range of air tightness solutions nationwide for all types of building – Abraj Qatar Group Company services has the knowledge, resources and expertise to solve your air tightness problems in all types and sizes of buildings. Abraj Qatar Group Company has a unique, unrivalled breadth of experience and offer valued project support at every stage of the construction process.


Abraj Qatar Group Company is a specialist in building and installation works with the usage of industrial Rope Access Technique. Our company is in the Industrial High Rise Works market more than 10 years and continues to be in progress mastering new technologies and methods of work. The company works in engineering market stably, and has great experience in elevated jobs for organizations and private individuals. The business of Abraj Qatar Group Company is based on application of new techniques and technologies, skills and experiences of abseil specialists (spider men). 



Use of industrial rope access technique in elevated jobs performance has the following advantages:


- Faster elevated job performance through the usage of rope access technique.


- No need of scaffolding (building timber erection) and usage of electric elevators and it allow reducing production cost of contract works. The benefits are short set up times and flexible rigging, which pay off in reduced access costs and site obstruction. Where extensive scaffolding might have been required to carry out urgent works, a two-man team can deal with the problem and be away within the day.


- Usage of special industrial high-rise works equipment allows carrying out structure erection without heavy scraper loading hoists. Where others require the provision of highly expensive and disruptive access equipment from which to carry out their works, we work directly on the area of concern. This considerable saving on time and manpower, not to mention expense, is passed direct to your organization.


- Opportunity of elevated jobs performance in narrow and inaccessible for traditional technical devices places.


- Opportunity of work handling without termination of industrial processes. We are always prepared to offer quality service solutions for our clients.To be a steady leader in market for industrial high-rise works and elevated jobs and provide our clients full range of first-class services answering and exceeding their expectations.




Roped access has low accident rate compared to other works techniques. This is due to the fact that an operative will always be connected to two anchors & ropes, and will have been subject to stringent selection and training standards.


We have an impeccable Health & Safety record, we carry worker`s insurance and compensation. To make sure we provide a safe working environment for both our employees and our clients, we have developed a safety program involving both employees and equipment. All employees must attend a monthly safety meeting where all aspects of equipment, procedures are discussed. All equipment is inspected daily and /or according to the manufacturer's recommendation. All our employees passed education and attestation in specialized educational institutions and have access to elevated jobs so they are certified high-rise professionals. All work`s quality controlled by the owners. 





1. Inspection.

Industrial rope access minimizes client problems when carrying out structural inspection.


2. All types of facade work.

-Painting and Redecoration.


3. Repair, reconstruction, maintenance of stadiums, towers, buildings, any type of structures and roofs:

• Painting
• Pointing
• Brick & concrete repairs
• Welding
• Electric works


 Sealing works


4. Repair, reconstruction, disassembly:

• Industrial smoke stacks
• Gas & oil pipe
• Towers
• Industrial building
• Communication & satellite towers, transmission-line support



5. Anti-corrosive & fire protection:

• Steel & wood structure
• Communication & satellite towers, transmission-line support
• Regulator devices
• Inner and outer surfaces of containers, various tanks
• Oil and gas pipe line, water supply lines, heat track
• Automobile and railway bridges
• Cranes, tracks, ships
• Building facades and inner premises
• Equipment, metal structures requiring protection from corrosion.

We offer you full service within anti corrosive protections with provide linings (old coating removal, surface preparation, pain and anti corrosive coat spreading)


6. Rail & Bridge works

Abraj Qatar Group Company experience of carrying out contract work throughout the rail and bridge industry is extensive. Work at height or over water, where the structure would otherwise require scaffolding, can be approached quickly and safely by rope access. Possession times can be dramatically reduced, and the cost of access equipment and manning also falls. Services offered include condition surveys; structural surveys; geo-technical works on slopes/ embankments; de-vegetation; maintenance and installation works. Repair works on various rail and bridge structures can be carried out such as re-painting, pointing, brickwork and concrete repairs.


7. Maintaining and cleaning

Elevator & ventilating shafts


8. Cable and pipe runs


9. Hang up banners on high-rise buildings


10. Cleaning high-rise windows, facades and other building surfaces of difficult access.

High-rise cleaning system means you spend less time cleaning your windows and more time enjoying the view. A big high rise office park or just a few levels, we are always prepared to offer quality service solutions for our clients.





Window cleaning is time consuming and often difficult or dangerous to do. It typically involves climbing ladders, hanging out of windows and after many hours of work, chances are you will still have smears and streaks. But by having a courteous, conscientious team of professionals take care of this chore for you on a regular basis, you'll have a year-round sparkle, and be the pride of your neighborhood. All this, and you didn't even break a sweat! We will be happy to provide you a free no-hassle written estimate at your convenience. And we will back up our estimate with plenty of references along with phone numbers so you can talk to a number of our satisfied customers.



Abraj Qatar Group Company carries out all methods of commercial window cleaning. We specialize in all aspects of window & facade cleaning by using abseil technicians (spider-men), the very latest water purification and water fed pole cleaning systems (Reach & Wash), Pure Water Technology, Power and Pressure washing systems. All our equipment manufactured in the Europe and corresponds to strict requirement of the EU.


Abraj Qatar Group Company can provide window cleaning for towers, banks, schools, car showrooms, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, store fronts, factories, leisure centers, residential and many more.

Contact us today for no obligation free quotation on any of our services. Our business is constantly expanding and we now cover all Qatar.





We have built our reputation on having the expertise to be able to clean buildings and any structures of any height, size or configuration.Abraj Qatar Group Company specializes in cleaning high rise buildings. This usually involves accessing windows from the roof using abseiling - rope access. All abseil technicians (spider men) are highly experienced, fully insured and vigorously trained to the highest possible standards in rope access. We offer a competitive and cost effective solution to any high rise office or residential building.


We recognize that high level access is a potentially hazardous activity, which is why we are committed to safety as our first priority. All our staff is fully trained and follows strict Health and Safety Executive guidelines. We are constantly monitoring and updating our equipment and safety system to remain in line.




Abraj Qatar Group Company offers most comprehensive power-washing cleaning solutions. Using the latest industrial cleaning technologies, equipment, and practices we supply an environmentally safe power washing service.
We take the necessary care at all times to ensure the safety of our staff and those around us by preparing detailed method statements prior to any work commencing and implementing proper controls and supervision.