All of the "Super Techs" consider it a privilege to handle your pest control and offer personalized and professional service every time you see them. Whether you need us for your residential home, your commercial business, your specialized institution or your construction site, we will handle it for you. Our pesticides are safe and we use the best technology available. We also have specialists in animal control, moisture control and improved ventilation for foundations. AQG works with many real estate agents and home inspectors. Rely on us to handle all the paperwork including that necessary termite inspection. We offer services monthly or every other month, quarterly, semiannually, annually or as needed Our prices are right, our service is the best, and estimates are always FREE!! 



Pest Control is ready, willing and more than able to service your commercial business. We take care of inside and outside areas, including cafeterias, kitchens, rest rooms, vending areas, loading docks, product storage areas and individual offices. Low and no odor treatments are used whenever possible. Outside treatment of your commercial property is maintained with the use of long lasting granules and residual dusts around the entire perimeter of your building. Rodent control is provided as necessary and In addition, other animal control and removal is available as a special service.



Depending upon your type of business, you may be subject to health inspections, and maintaining good customer relations (and just keeping your customers!) impels businesses to pay particular attention to their pest control needs. Commercial businesses include restaurants, food processing plants, bakeries, and all types of business offices, convenience stores, warehouses and various manufacturing facilities.


We want to assist you in protecting your property, your health and your family' health from the damage and diseases associated with pests. Mice, ants, termites, cockroaches and other critters all play important roles in the environment. However, when these creatures enter our homes, they become pests that can potentially threaten our health and our property.


At AQG, we employ a technique called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is a program where pesticides are limited and used only where the application can be 100% environmentally friendly. IPM utilizes methods to discourage pests from entering facilities and keeps pests away so that harsh pesticides are not needed where sensitivity is an issue. It is a total program, environmentally sound, people-safe and well planned including on-going maintenance that will keep your facility pest free.



The combination of the highest expertise and quick access to resources assures your health care facility the best solution. From the food storage areas, to the dining facilities, retail stores, offices, rest rooms, nursing stations, research labs, treatment rooms, nurseries, surgical prep areas, restaurants, waste removal areas, and clinical labs; AQG has you covered with a blanket of services.


Compare AQG with your current Pest Control Operator or with any other Pest Control Company. AQG shines and delivers the quality service program you can depend on. We consider it a privilege to offer Professional Pest Control Service for your residential home, work place, warehouse or construction site. No surprises with AQG! Budget your expense on Pest Control for the entire year. We will solve your Pest Problems using the most updated Technology which will be safe to humans, pet animals and also without contaminating the environment!!!



Our Services For

Abraj Qatar Group Company offers a wide variety of services. We currently handle more than 10,000 clients in the state of Qatar. We can and will travel to you anywhere in the state of Qatar! If you are having a pest problem, we have the solution. Call AQG - (Termi-Tech) Pest Control today for the fast, reliable service you need, want and deserve. Or use our convenient, Contact No. We will have a Super-Tech representative contact you within 24 hours!





If you are having a problem in your home, flat or apartments we can help. Pest Control handles everything from attic to basement, inside and outside your dwelling.





Your place of business is very important to you and the last thing you need to worry about is an embarrassing or unhealthy pest problem.





AQG is crucial in institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, and medical offices, as well as all public service buildings and areas.



All building are legally required to have a "Pre- Construction" (also known as soil poisoning) to prevent termites. We also handle your Post-Construction treatments which handles the eventual recurrence of termites.